Texas Workers’ Compensation

At the law firm of Bailey & Galyen, we offer a full range of legal counsel to Texans who have been injured on the job. Navigating the workers’ compensation hoops just to get your medical needs met can be intimidating and confusing. When you make mistakes, you may be jeopardizing your right to workers’ compensation benefits that you and your family need.

We are prepared to help you:

  • File a Texas workers’ compensation claim - You are facing significant issues when you have been injured on the job and unable to work. One of them shouldn’t have to deal with hostile employers or confusing paperwork. We can help you file your work comp claim, understand your rights and responsibilities, and obtain the medical and wage benefits due you under workers’ compensation law. We also represent families who have lost loved ones due to an accident or illness at work. They are eligible for death and burial benefits.

  • Appeal a workers’ compensation decision - The company’s workers’ compensation insurer is not always on your side. If a decision has been made to return you to work too early, or to otherwise cut or end your benefits, the process of appeal can be so complicated and nuanced it can be extremely beneficial to rely on the experience of a trustworthy workers’ compensation attorney to protect your rights and give you the best shot at an appeal.

  • Get appropriate medical care - Sometimes, it may seem like your employer doesn’t want you going to specialists and other medical providers. Sometimes, you may not even know who is available to help you get the treatment that you need. Our law firm can help you navigate the workers’ compensation claim process and obtain the medical care you need to recover as much of your life as possible.

  • Understand the workers' compensation process - It can be helpful to know how the workers’ compensation process unfolds. We will help you understand exactly what to expect at every stage of a workers’ compensation claim, and will also monitor to make sure that you are receiving the appropriate amount of benefits. We will maintain open, responsive communication with you so that you can make informed, knowledgeable decisions at every stage of your workers’ compensation claim.

Denied Claim


If you have filed an application for benefits under the Texas workers’ compensation laws for a legitimate workplace injury, only to have your request denied, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to protect your rights in the appeal process.

Insurance Disputing Injury


We have successfully protected the rights of hundreds of workers, pursuing workers’ compensation claims against their employers and employers’ insurance companies, who often dispute your injuries.

Doctor Selection


Sometimes, it may seem like your employer doesn’t want you going to specialists and other medical providers. Our law firm can help you navigate the workers’ compensation claim process to find the right doctor for you.



When you have been hurt at work in Texas, you are entitled to seek reimbursement for all necessary medical treatment to help you recover from your injury, including surgery.

Lost Wages


Injured workers can generally recover income and medical benefits. The income benefits may cover lost wages, as well as the costs of job counseling or retraining.

WC Money Benefits


When you have been hurt in the workplace, the benefits available through a workers’ compensation claim can be vital, replacing your income so that you can meet your financial obligations.

BRC – Benefit Review Conference


We handle all matters related to appeals of a denied workers’ compensation claim, regardless of the stage of the process you are in. We will help you prepare for the Benefit Review Conference (BRC), whether a dispute resolution officer will act as a mediator in your case.

CCH – Contested Case Hearing


If the BRC does not result in a mutually agreeable settlement, your claim will be scheduled for a Contested Case Hearing (a CCH). In a Contested Case Hearing, the hearings officer can listen to testimony from witnesses, and will eventually render a decision.


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