Pharmaceutical Litigation
Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable
The attorneys at Bailey and Galyen hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their egregious mistakes and negligence that have caused our clients serious injury, or tragically resulted in a wrongful death. We protect the rights of injured people and seek compensation to pay for the medical expenses and other damages that they have suffered from bad prescription drugs, dangerous over the counter remedies, and defective medical devices.

Our Texas-based law firm is nationally recognized for helping right wrongs done to innocent people. We represent clients throughout the nation, and have the legal experience, the commitment, resolve, and depth of care to help you resolve your case as fairly and as efficiently as possible. Our pharmaceutical law practice includes:

  • Dangerous prescription drugs – Whether you or a loved one is dealing with is a Fosamax fracture, a granuflo injury, pradaxa injury, complications, or any other problem that should never have happened, we are here to help.

  • Defective medical devices – Did you know that there was virtually no testing for the synthetic mesh used to supposedly prevent uterine prolapse and repair prolapse? This supposed device is now being called the poster child example of the fundamental failure to protect the public’s health and welfare. Did you know that there were many missed alarms regarding the all-metal hip implant that has caused so much suffering to those who received one?

  • OTC remedies and medications – No one has ever done a study on how many people have died from dangerous over the counter drugs. However, several OTC drugs have been implicated in serious injury, liver failure, and even death. These include pain relievers such as Tylenol and aspirin, and cold medicines such as pseudoephedrine. Additionally, innocent people have been known to abuse various over the counter medicines, but with dangerous side effects, including death.


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