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We provide thorough and comprehensive counsel to clients on a broad range of family law matters, including:



When you face divorce, whether you have made the decision to file or have been served with a divorce complaint, the emotional issues involved can make it difficult to objectively determine what you need.

Collaborative Divorce


If your marriage is over, but you want to avoid the anger and bitterness that often accompany a divorce, the collaborative divorce process may be exactly what you need to resolve your disputes.

Child Custody & Visitation


We will help you establish physical and legal custody agreements that are in the best interests of your children, while protecting your rights as a parent.

Child Support


One of the most challenging issues to resolve in a divorce proceeding involving minor children is often the amount of child support provided to the custodial parent.

Property Settlements


Our attorneys will ensure that all marital property is distributed in accordance with the community property laws in Texas.



We will prepare all necessary documents and handle all meetings, hearings or proceedings to help you build your family through the adoption process.

Prenuptial Agreements


If you are bringing significant assets into a marriage or have children from a prior marriage, we can help you protect yourself with a prenuptial agreement.

Postnuptial Agreements


A postnuptial agreement can set your mind at ease. You and your ex-spouse can identify in advance exactly how child custody or property will be divided or may need to change in the event of a life change.



Often, after a divorce is final, one of the parents may experience life changes that have an impact on existing child custody, visitation or child support agreements.



Our experienced family law lawyers help you file and modify enforcement orders. Don’t let complex legalese compromise your family’s best interests.



The family law and divorce mediation process can be intimidating. Let our experienced family law attorneys guide you and ensure any compromise isn’t one-sided.



We will handle all matters related to the termination of parental rights, if required, if one of the parents choose to terminate their parental rights.

Bailey & Galyen

At Bailey & Galyen, we take a particularly strong stance on fathers’ behalves in divorce proceedings, recognizing that social custom often involves an unfair assumption that mothers are better able to care for minor children. We believe that, in the right circumstances, fathers are entitled to custody rights, and we advocate accordingly. To learn more, see our website on fathers’ rights.

If you are involved in a divorce and want to resolve your differences without the time, expense and acrimony often associated with the traditional divorce process, we can help you use collaborative divorce to cooperatively settle matters. See our page on the collaborative divorce process to learn more.


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